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About Me

Dr Elaine Grech Psychotherapist
Dr Elaine Grech

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Systemic Couple and Family Therapist

Warranted Psychotherapist: PPBM 20

Warranted Teacher: 9513

Dr. Elaine Grech runs a private practice as a systemic practitioner and has over twenty years' experience in therapeutic agencies in Malta. She graduated in psychology from the University of Malta, completed her training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, and then obtained a Masters in Systemic Couple and Family Therapy at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College University of London. Her PhD studies, conducted at the University of Malta, focused on residential care work. Dr. Grech had worked for 10 years at Sedqa which is a Maltese agency that supports people who are facing addiction issues.

Another main area of interest which Dr Grech focuses on is supporting the professionals’ well-being, and her practice includes the role of clinical supervisor. In her work, she makes use of creative and experiential therapeutic modalities and other interventions based on mindfulness. She has delivered lectures and training workshops in a range of settings, including institutions, organisations, academic, and community contexts. She aims to creatively integrate ideas from the therapeutic modalities she has trained in, aiming to support the people she works with to find their own way of enhancing their well-being and that of their significant others. 

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What Inspires Me and My Work

Inspirational Life Experiences

Where do I come from? I grew up in a rural village in the south of Malta, a village that took its name from the colour blue of its sea:  Żurrieq. Creativity has been part of my life as far as I can remember. I have fond childhood memories of myself playing with stones and colours in my grandmother’s beautiful garden. I remember the vibrant energizing orange of the sweet-scented oranges, the comforting brown texture of the dry or wet soil, the soothing green of the foliage and the powerful red of the sturdy wooden bench. I remember playing the squiggle with my father, who was a very creative craftsman, and cutting colourful shapes out of felt in his workshop. Since I can remember, I was drawn and reached out to practice anything which felt creative and explorative, such as drawing, painting, fairytales and poetry.  At home, I would design and sew dolls’ clothes, cook and bake with my grandma.

Young Dr Elaine Grech Psychotherapist

As I grew older, I picked up acting, dancing and singing. Furthermore, with maturing age, I started exploring nature, meditation, and spirituality. Looking back, I see how these creative outlets proved to be highly therapeutic and enhanced my resilience. To inspire myself, prevent burnout, and renew myself as a clinician, I regularly engage in various creative activities. Lately, I have taken up painting, experimenting with essential oils and spontaneous creative writing.

Creative and Expressive Interventions Integrated Into the Therapeutic Practices

  • Drama (School of Drama Certification) 

  • Poetry, Enactment, Story-writing and Performing

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Meditation, Mindfulness, Visualization

  • Sound, Rhythm, and Music 

  • Body Processes, Movement and Somatic Therapy

  • Naturopathy and Nature Therapy

  • Aromatherapy and crystals

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About My Work and Practice

Some of the Areas of Work Which I am Passionate About

Contexts That I Have Worked In

A Metaphor That Embodies My Therapeutic Practice

I see therapeutic work as an explorative journey which we embark on together. This is why I like to use the term ‘fellow explorers’ when referring to the people I am working with. I see the role of the therapist as a guide who would have explored the terrain before.

Together with the fellow explorers, we create a secure base for the journey that unfolds. We decide on the destination together, gather resources to put in our backpack, and discover what to look for when exploring the terrain. We learn how to be aware of what is happening around us, enhancing the use of different senses. When I am working together with a family or a group, my aim is to support the identification and sharing of different resources that the various explorers can bring in this journey. We can discover the strength that comes when we are open to making this journey together. I hold the light for us to see where we are heading when we are walking through dark spaces and, together, we can discover ways how you can equip yourselves not only in this present journey but also for other missions in our lives. When this therapeutic journey comes to an end, may you carry with you in your backpack tools,

Looking at the Lake Therapy Journey or I

discoveries, memories, and experiences that will take you forward in the journey of your life.

Core Concepts in My Practice


 Learning how to reflect equips us with the ability to use this skill when facing other challenges in the future. 


By identifying resources and strengths.



Secure-base relationships.


Especially to those who usually are not heard such as vulnerable people or children.


 Unleashing people’s creativity.  Creative expressions in various forms are therapeutic in themselves. 


 Difference is enriching. Through our different colours we form together a beautiful rainbow. 


 A meaningful life is a happy life. We need to answer our call and live the kind of life that is meaningful. 



Openness for growth:  Continuous personal and professional development.

What inspires me and my work
About Me
About my work and practice
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Social Welfare Service Teams


Residential Care Settings for Children and Young People

Educational Institutions


Mental Health Settings

Spiritual Groups

Families in Various Forms


Substance Abuse  Therapeutic Residential Care Communities


Artistic/Creative Settings

Working Online




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Outdoor & Nature

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