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It was a deep pleasure to have had the chance to work with Elaine first in a conference workshop where she led participants through a face-to-face guided contemplative process and then via a video conference to explore our children’s feelings during COVID-19. In both instances, her openness and loving demeanour could be felt easily by adults and children alike. I discovered new insights about myself I hadn’t expected and found a beautiful path forward—all with Elaine’s gentle guidance and deep trust she creates. I look forward to being able to work with her again and highly recommend her for individuals and families open to exploring and healing your past and future journey.

Anna Cohen Miller,

Assistant Professor Graduate School of Education, Founder The Motherscholar Project

25th May 2020

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I am thoroughly impressed by the way Elaine has successfully managed to integrate her creative side with her ability to help people find a sense of meaning, identity and purpose in life. Using inputs derived from the arts, drama, psychology, psychotherapy, and real life;  she manages to create creative spaces where energy, emotion, trust, sensitivity and mutuality prevail, and she manages to elicit people's potential for action to reach meaningful goals in a manner that is equally as professional as it is caring. 

Damian Spiteri


5th May 2020

I attended some Care for Caregivers workshops online led by Elaine. Elaine was able to connect personally to each person in the group. Elaine has many skills and extensive professional knowledge which she combines with warmth, humility and humanity. It was very inspiring and left me filled with inner peace, hope and gratitude. Thanks Elaine!

Chiara Santin

Systemic and Family Psychotherapist, Supervisor and trainer, UK
10th May 2020


I had to push myself to join the session, by persisting and ignoring discouraging inner voices, I find these sessions with Elaine and participants to be meaningful, supportive and comforting.

May 2020

Dear Elaine, 

1. About the 'Movement and Embodiment workshop'

As therapists, we see in our clients the pain and blockages in the body but we do not always manage to communicate to them a way of how to heal the body. Elaine's workshop gave me practical and effective ways of how to make the body 'speak' and ways of helping to unblock the body to restore its movement and life. They are ways that do not feel painful or too direct but it feels like I, the client, am exploring my body with the therapist. I would definitely recommend it!

Jennifer Zammit Suban

School counsellor working with school children and adolescents, Malta.

18th May 2020

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2. About your techniques

What I like about Elaine's techniques is that they make the therapy so accessible to the client. It is not complicated, it does not feel 

like questions you do not know how to answer, but it feels like someone helping you to have healing internal conversations with your own self, be it through voice, drawings, music or other means that get you there...And, this is very important for me as a school Counsellor, they are accessible for children, even very young children and I can even imagine the children having fun!

3. About your workshops

What I love about Elaine'e workshops and which I cannot find in books, is how experiential they are. During the workshop, I like that we take the time to try the techniques with each other, after which we take time to process the experience with Elaine's assistance. This experiential part takes most of the workshop. I always leave the workshops with the realization that I have learned so much from my colleagues 'experiments' and their comments on them. The accompanying 'notes' are also very useful and practical with references and all that is needed to deepen the learning after. The workshops are like a learning community of therapists from which I learn, nurture and re energize myself. Thus, it works as a base that supports me. And always with Elaine's enthusiasm and smile!

Thank you Elaine for these gifts!

I find these workshops to be very interesting, informative, formative and insightful. Elaine is a very skilled professional and down-to-earth person. She explains complex terms and practices in easy to understand-and-assimilate ways, enabling one to remember them for future work and practices. I recommend her training seminars to anyone who would like to build more on their Continuous Professional Development.

Elaine Schembri Lia

Clinical Psychologist and Systemic Practitioner

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